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and the Holy Spirits interprets for application


In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. (NIV)

We all love to plan. We plan events, vacations, and even conversations. God has given us the ability to plan and vision for today and the future. BUT only God is omniscient. Only God know the deepest heart of man and his future. Does that mean we should not plan, of course not? Make your plans and get excited about them. Make your plans as simple or as elaborate as suits your personality. Plan a way.

When you make your plan God asks us to remember that he will supply the acts, the steps to get there, according to His will. His good and perfect will. The will of God that wants us to prosper and grow. The will that is expressed throughout the Word. The will that says it may not be easy, but we are not alone.

Then take your plan and STEP out in Faith because the LORD will establish each step.

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